Connect midi controller to zoom/pan and record this?

Hi all,

Enjoying my explorations in notch a lot.

I am trying to figure out how I can connect my midi controller to the main zoom and pan function and record the movements I create.
I now use the mouse and corresponding keys alt and ctrl. Would be nice to be able to use faders of my livid ohm rgb midi controller instead.
How do i connect the faders to the main zoom and pan in the render window.
Also I want to record the movements i do with the main zoom and pan. So that i can render the zooms and pans.
How do I do this?

i do have my midi controller connected to nodes in the mian editor using the midi modifier. So my midi in works fine.

Suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Hey Jane,

There are probably other ways to do this, but here’s my take on it:

Method 1: You can hook your MIDI modifier into a range remap and then into a Camera node. This will move your camera to whatever fixed positions you set in the output range of the range remap. Limited, but works.

Method 2: For more of a “driving” feel you can use the MIDI controllers to adjust the speed of continuous modifiers. Add some range remaps, smooth modifiers, and what not to smooth the animation out and you got yourself something that’ll work.

I made a quick Notch scene to test this out. It’s attached below.

Some notes:

  • I used MIDI knobs on a LPD8. Felt like driving with an etch-a-sketch haha
  • Knob 1 = CC1 0 = backwards, .5 = still, 1 = forward
  • Knob 2 = CC4 0 = left, .5 = still, 1 = right
  • Quantize modifier is in there to let you “snap” to .5 (0 on the speed) easily.
  • press 6 to make sure the scene camera is your active camera

You can record your moves by selecting both MIDI Modifier nodes and using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Start/Stop Recording = ctrl+F3
  • Use Recorded Value = ctrl+F1

Hope this helps! MIDI in Notch is a lot of fun.

[attachment file=20246]

Great input Brett! Thanks so much for sharing this. ? Will try it out with your file.

Will let you know about. My progressions.

Finally had some time to check your notch file. Great input Bret! Got it working. Will try to merge it with some of my works and see what happens. thnx a lot!

No problem. Glad it worked out for ya!

Hi brett , I extended your project file and made 22 more midi mofier chains like the on you made to create a nice templete.
Although very nice to play with I notice now that thecontrols like pan and zoom and others in a camera node do not give the same spectacular result as using the mouse and the keyboard shortcuts option and ctrl in the output window.

If anyone has an idea how to connect these commands to midi and make this recordable so it can be rendered out to a movie. Please let me know. Would be so nice if this can be done.

True. Managing 22 knobs/ faders live would definitely be a crazy juggling act. Hopefully someone is able to point you in the right direction for mouse-style controls.