Wishlist / feature request - data recording

Dear notch developers.

While midi recording is a great feature it could be really really great to have osc recording in notch too.

And it would be a lifesaver to be able to define the keyframe format for each midi/osc recording node.
For switches it is essential to be able to predefine stepped/hold keyframes since doing it after recording is a pain.

We use osc with notch all the time. Our current visual rig has about 100 osc nodes and quite a few are receiving values that are not possible to redo with midi.

Yeh that’s a neat Idea, I’ll talk to the dev team and see what they think.

– Ryan

great, thanks -
It could be a super great workflow booster (for us at least)


Yes this would be amazing!

I would love to hook up a Leap Motion and record OSC hand information.


Would make lot’s of sense also being able to record data and other nodes like noises and cams

I just thought I’d reply to this specific comment, it sounds like you have a much better handle on using MIDI and OSC than I do - using 100 osc nodes! - but I have recently figured out a neat and tidy way to use MIDI pads as switches and thought I’d share the approach, bear in mind this is aimed at switching back and forth within a group rather than just on/off but would stilll apply:

Initially I used some examples provided online that involved multiple MIDI input nodes feeding into a Limiter, or some other approaches involving multple input nodes and could never get it to work properly, so I did this:

On your MIDI controller, (in the proprietory software or using something like Bome (I’m using a Launchpad X) set the group of pads you want to switch between all to the same CC number.

Then change the ‘on’ values for each one to 1,2,3,4 etc. - don’t do the first as 0 - this is with the button type set to Trigger.

In Notch, if switching back and forth between nodes/states, presumably you’ll be using an index selection node of some sort to switch between meshes/modifiers/child node graphs/tweening or spline postions etc. - so make sure you duplicate your first node in the list as using this method we will never select index ‘0’.

Connect a MIDI node and map it to any one of your pads in the group, theyll all be mapped, set the scale to 127.


Then if you’re recording, at least the only keyframes will be the actual points of change rather than all the incremental ones from a fader, and you can more easily change them to stepped.

Perhaps you’ll find that useful!