How can I read in data from a MIDI file to control parameters

Newbie here. Please bear with me :slight_smile:
I know about the MIDI modifier and the Recorded Value Parameter but I need to use data from a .MID file (many tracks, channels and CCs) to control different parameters of particle animations using Notch. I need to access the articulations (CCs) and such, not just the audio data from the wav file.

Iโ€™m on Win10 (PC) so I think that loopMIDI or similar would do the job but looking for a way to directly read the MIDI file inside of Notch.
The file is from a composer and I am asked to create visuals based on MIDI (not audio) to match.

Thanks for any help!!

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: MIDI files are not supported, only MIDI data. So the right way to set this up would be to use a DAW or other MIDI playback system and send that data into Notch, and reacting to that data with the nodes you mention. Alternatively, Iโ€™d use OSC because itโ€™s more flexible and faster to work with when you have a larger series of data streams.

Thank you very much Bent. Got it. I was planning to use loopMIDI but OSC, as you say, is probably more versatile for that purpose. Thanks again! Uber

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