HID Devices and Dynamic Input Recording

I’m interested in using a joystick and various game controllers. Is there currently a way to use HID devices with notch or does anyone know of any software that can translate HID to OSC?

Can you record keyframes from MIDI and OSC or do they only work real-time in Notch?


Im not sure if I understood you correctly. But in TouchDesigner u have possibility to connect Joystick(gamepad) then you can send its transform data over OSC to Notch.
Personally Im using Houdini for it. Because I like setup of gamepad camera there. Then Im sending all data over OSC to wherever I want. Actually at first always to TouchDesigner then to Notch for example. Because Notch only can listen to one OSC port and Touch can listen to several. So you can merge channels in Touch before sending to Notch.
Cinema 4d also can do it. Other soft I havent cheeked.

Hey there,

Currently we don’t have any direct support for game controllers, but if you can convert that data to Oscars / Midi then that would be an easy way to get that data into Notch. I googled around a bit for conversion tools and it looks like there are a few - but I haven’t tried any so I don’t want to suggest any as confirmed options. If they are able to convert the signal to MIDI/OSC, I can’t see why they wouldn’t work though.

We can record Midi data, but there currently isn’t an option to record OSC right now.