Unable to use Normal Map inside of Extruded Spline

Hi guys,

I’ve never been able to properly add a normal map to the inside of an extruded spline (double sided). Technically I’ve no clue why it’s doing this, but it seems to ignore the lighting.

This clearly has something to do with tangent/object space, was wondering if there was some sort of work around?

No normal mapping:

Tangent space Normal map:

Object space Normal map:


Thats pretty odd, at a guess your looking at the mesh from the inside, so the normals are facing outwards. You might need to flip the normal maps y or z axis if you are inside it.

Post a dfx and I can try other forms of wizardry that don’t come to me immediately :slight_smile:

– Ryan

Hey Ryan,

Yeah I’ve tried that using tangent and object space, in object space it seems to work about 50% of the time (just turns black in areas) and on tangent it doesn’t seem to do anything.

DFX is here: Normals.dfx - Google Drive