Shatter Primitive: a quick review of the node's 'subtleties'.

Hi, guys.
I was playing with the Shatter Primitive node the other day… Look what I found out:

Texturing now works much better, but there are ‘subtleties’ not mentioned in the Manual:

  1. The normals of the inner faces to which the Cut Material is applied are ALL flipped inwards including the side faces of the shards which means that by default the sides of the shards won’t show. In order to make them show you’re gonna need to make the Cut material double-sided (which is not very efficient in terms of performance).

  2. Both the materials (inner and outer) need to have normal mapping on. Otherwise you’ll be getting a wrong shading of the shards.

  3. UVs on the sides of the shards (faces representing the thickness parameter) are stretched which may be negligible, but anyway a UV Scale control for the side faces wouldn’t hurt…

Thank you.

The file and the screenshots are attached.

The normal issues have been taken care of in the new build -

Cool. Thanks for the fix, Matt.