Alebic imported flipped and can't be flipped back

It seems that alembic files came flipped in Notch. If you try to flip back using -X scale the mash became transparent like the normals are flipped. And the same issue goes with D3, you can flip the block in Disguise d3.
Any solution?

Hey there,

Which Product are you exporting from? Different packages use different axes, so you usually need to do a bit of clean up on import.

If you invert the axis, then yes the normals will invert. there’s a couple easy fixes for this, I usually just set the mesh to double sided and enable flip polygons though.

I hacked a little bit to make that work.

In Maya, I inverted the normals and import back in Notch. So after I scaled in X-1 work just fine.

But what do you mean with “a bit of clean up on import” and where are those options in Notch? (double-sided, flip polygons).

Thank you for your support

Ah, yeh that will fix it to. all good.

Those options are in the material section of the 3d object, or a seperate material node.