Import alembic. UV bug on stiches

Hi. Need a help.
I bake my cloth simulations in Cinema 4D with generated UV. Then I export my sim via alembic. When I import the alembic to Notch a have problem on my stiches. I think, that I make wrong actions or so. Could someone explain on example how to correctly import the alembic to the Notch with UV map?

File Sharing and Transfer - Send Large Files via FEX.NET – Cinima 4D and Notch scene files and alembic.

just try import alembic and i have a same bug:(

Hey guys,

This is happening because your UV maps in Notch are flipping when they break away.

What I suggest you do for future meshes is make sure that your separate pieces don’t have welded points in your segments, as the break in geometry is causing the UVs to flip in Notch Builder, which is what you’re seeing.
You can do this in the 3D app of your choosing.

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