Led sphere content setup

Hello Notch community,
I’m working on content production for a 3 meter diameter LED sphere.
I’m new to Notch and I have several problems.
I’m using a VR 360 Camera to record the content to be broadcast in the sphere. I have a lot of trouble lighting the sphere from the inside. I would have liked to use an environment map with HDR but from inside the sphere, would you have a solution?
There is perhaps another solution which would consist in bake a HDR to record the external part of the sphere, is that possible on NOTCH?
Thank you in advance for your solutions.

Sounds like its just the normals, easy fix :slight_smile:

in the Material Node parameters ubder the Settings tab, you will find a parameter called Backface Cull Mode, with a drop-down that will be on the default Show Front Faces, change this to Show Back Faces or Double Sided and you’ll see it from the inside.


Thank you for your answer @jamie.shaw , it works perfectly.
I have another question about the use of the VR 360 camera, it doesn’t work anymore when using the Render Layer node, is there another solution?