Shatter Primitive 3D deprecated?

Hello, I see that the Shatter Primitive 3D node is deprecated. Does anyone know a node I can use to replace it or some way to achieve the same effect?

Yeh it was deprecated, it had very limited use cases and couldn’t be adapted for some of the newer features (If I remember correctly). In the mean time, you should use shattering tools in a modelling package, then import that shattered mesh into Notch.

– Ryan

Thanks for the reply! Ah, interesting. I don’t think I can do it outside notch because I’m wanting to make it interactive and need generative fx. Basically when someone hits a sphere, it shatters

That’s still pretty doable I think. The old trick for this is to detect when the collision occurs and switch from a clean mesh to a shattered mesh, activating a shatter animation at the same time. That should be applicable in a lot of different contexts and is still used all the time in real-time effects.

Thanks for that insider info! I never thought to do it that way. I might give it a shot.