Similar tool to C4D Fracture object?

I’d like to be able to affect an Imported 3D Scene with cloning effectors in a fashion similar to the Fracture (not Voronoi Fracture) object from the Mograph system in C4D.

For example: construct a wall in C4D, fracture it into desired components (separate meshes), import to Notch as a 3D scene and then individually affect the separate component meshes with a randomize effector. To be clear I don’t want to procedurally fracture the mesh in Notch.

Is this achievable with any nodes that exist at the moment? I thought maybe adding all component meshes as separate children of a cloner set to 1 clones might give me what I want but the link automatically jumps back to the Imported 3D Scene node.

Thanks in advance!


Cloner effectors only work for clones. You can achieve what you need with Deformers set to ‘Chunks’ mode. In cinema put all your pieces into a single layer (make sure not to weld/merge points) and import that into Notch, and you can control your pieces easily with the deformers.


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This is exactly what I needed. The Chunk Effector Deformer specifically acts exactly like a C4D Fracture object.

Thanks for your help.