Effector on imported 3d scene

Hi everybody, I’m a newbee in notch …
I wan’t to manipulate with a plain effector a group of object coming from a 3d scene imported file (c4d).
First i try to “create node from scene” (right clic on the node/imported 3d scene option…) to manipulate each object individually … But is it possible to use an effector on all of them in the same time like a group of clone?



Hey Raph,

Unfortunately you cant use plain effector on anything apart from clones

What are you trying to achieve?


Hi harrison, thank you.

I did a facade of a building in c4d with window brick etc… through a tracking information of a performer, I want to deconstruct the architecture of the wall… pull off certain piece of it in one way
seems strange to not have a way to do that?!?

Hey Raph,

You want to use the Chunk Deformer node.

Please make sure that you have combined all the geometry in C4D otherwise node will not work for your model.

Thanks you harrison, that’s it :slight_smile: