Can Notch handle (.obj) Object groups?


I have a model in Blender which consists of multiple objects with their respective origins that I would like to keep as separate objects also in Notch.

I was wondering if there would be a some clever way to handle export/import from Blender to Notch so that I wouldn’t have to handle every object separately. If I’ve understood correctly exporting the .obj with Object Groups would be one way to achieve this. But when importing it to Notch the whole model is shown and handled as one. When importing (a .obj file) there is a option to Flatten Scene to Single Object which could imply that there is some way to have objects as individuals but at least with my model, leaving that check box unchecked did not help.

Is there some way to achieve this?

If you right-click the 3d scene node, imported 3d scene options > create nodes from scene, and the scene will be rebuilt with 3d objects

Hi and thanks for the quick reply!

With .fbx I could get that working as you instructed.

I can now for example have deformers for individual elements on the object but is there a way to have also a deformer working on the whole 3d scene? Which in my case would be the whole object. At least for me it does not work by just dragging from the 3d Scene node to the deformer node.