Need Help how to Import C4D scene into Notch, ASAP!

I’m running into issues with importing c4d scene file into Notch. I have this simple graph that animates.

This is my c4d scene:

Nothing displays and the animation doesn’t play in NOTCH BUILDER.

Things I’ve done and still doesn’t work:

  • Push C key on c4d to combine the objects. resave the file and import it into Notch Builder.

  • Baked the animations and saved them out and import them into Notch.

  • Export and import FBX, OBJ, Alembic.

none of these work, please help!!!

This is what I’m running into with NOTCH when I import the scene.

The issue is the data that’s being passed through isn’t geometry data - that’s why the nodes are greyed out. Text, mograph, etc all need to be converted to editable polys or something so that they come through to Notch with only mesh data (I’m not too familiar on the C4D side). Why that’s not getting through FBX/Obj/Alembic, I’m not sure. I would assume cinema simplifies its geometry when you export it, but as I said, I’m not a c4d guy so don’t know for sure. I would check the exported fbx/alembic/obj meshes in other modeling tools and see if they pick up the geometry, and if so, re-export there to see if that solves it. If it’s not coming through in other tools, then there’s something with the mesh export in C4D.

figured it out. Notch doesn’t like anything Mograph from C4d. Got the animation to work.

Cinema 4D primitive shapes, mograph, dynamic systems are proprietary, thus you cant import them to Notch without converting them to editable objects or baking in animations. You can however bring in lights, general animations, cameras, 3D models, texture, baked animations.


What about Splines? Alternatively, is there or could there be support for Illustrator vector art to be imported as Splines?

c4d splines works, here is a small R&D using them -


Hi, please how to bake animation for import from cinema 4D ??? I have tried everything, alembic, scene import etc…thx