Issues importing C4D file

Hi there,

I’ve checked the Academy video and the manual, but am still having issues.

I have a simple scene that I’ve imported as a C4D file from R19 into 0.9.23 Builder PLE version.

I have a basic camera rotation, a moving object, and a plane. After the import, Notch is only displaying the plane and none of the other elements. I can still see all the child nodes, though.

I have:

  • Attached a Notch camera to my C4D imported camera
  • Checked the Lock to Frame Rate box
  • Checked the Use Cameras box

I don’t have any camera rotation and I don’t see my animated object. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Notch Screenshot.PNG|690x368

Hi ,

You need to convert the landscape to “editable” in C4D.

-right click “make editable” or “C”



This worked! Thanks so much.