FBX export from C4D to Notch

Hello everyone,

Fairly new to Notch so hope this isn’t to dim…

I have some FBX data I captured with the xbox kinect (v2) in a program called Brekel Pro Face.

So when I import this into C4D I get all the recorded movement on the face such as lip movement eye movement etc, but when I choose to export the file from C4D as a FBX or .c4d into Notch I get the 3-d mesh without the movement of some of the face (the expressions)

This may not be particularly clear, but I think it may be to do with the hierarchy and export from c4d that I am doing wrong.

When I import the FBX data into c4d in the objects window I get the following,

Null (reference)
Face:Neck (joint)
Face:Head (joint)
Face:Face_Mesh (polygon object, with pose morph exp)
Poses:Face_Mesh (null)
Jaw_Open (polygon mesh)
Jaw_R (polygon mesh)
Jaw_L (polygon mesh)
Frown_R (polygon mesh)
Face:Brow_inner_l (joint)
Face:Brow_mid_l (joint)
Face:Brow_Up_L (null)
Face:Brow_Up_R (null)
Face:Brow_Down_L (null)
etc …

I then choose export as FBX, baking all the frames is ticked and its FBX V - 7.5.

Importing the file into Notch, options I leave as they are so Flip Uvs & Retain vertex data remain ticked?

So I then drag that into my scene as imported 3d scene and get two meshes on top of one another with only some of the animation.

I have a DP link to some screenshots of the issue etc but can provide more information. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ieboucwk8zrl8tg/AABQPmhZ0rjdRmoI7zR4tPDUa?dl=0

Most likely a error on my part…any support would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: