Get camera rotation from fbx


I am trying to get a camerapath (including a pointcloud of trackers for reference) into Notch. I did some 3d tracking with Syntheyes and exported it to several formats (alembic, lws, fbx). I imported them all and connected the output of the imported camera to a Notch camera. Position is working, except no rotation seems to be transferred. Also when viewing the imported camera directly it seems that no rotation is applied. I checked the fbx that Syntheyes produced in Cinema and Fusion and both produce good rotation values.

I managed to get this shot working by copying all pos and rot values to a null in Cinema and exported that as fbx. Then, once imported, I connect the null to a Notch camera and all is peaches…

I am looking at 50+ shots for an upcoming gig and would like to skip that workaround if possible.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help!

camera rotations should come through into notch, so I’d like to see a case where this isn’t happening.

  • Do other tools pick up the correct camera motion?
  • Are the camera rotations controlled by constraints or something inside the source tool?

– Ryan

Nope, other tools do not pick up the rotation, and the camera rotations are just keyframes, I checked in Cinema and Fusion.

Attached you’ll find the fbx (renamed to txt for uploading purposes) and the dfx.

norotcam.dfx (147.9 KB)
A009C017_191209_R245_fbx.txt (220.4 KB)


That scene helps a lot thanks, I’ll pass it onto the dev team to dissect why exactly its not being picked up. In the mean time, you’ll need to load them all into another tool, e.g C4D, and re-export them so Notch picks it up.

– Ryan