Notch integration with VYV ,Photon

Hi to all. I’m experimenting with albion and photon media server from VYV to create virtual environments (XR and AR ) been doing some tests. but it is no ok , so my question is How i can match the cameras ? because when i export the Exposable camera from notch and inmport in the server and I assign the camera i wanted used is like It is as if the camera saw through the elements, inverted could say or that it does not have the correct parameters to render I made 1 very simple block with a cube example
1 full enviroment 3d
also use one of the sets from the notch page to compare if something was not doing correctly in the blocks but all 3 have the same error someone could help me?
i can only upload picture…

in the picture you will see the right side is like flat block import and view but the left side is when assigned the camera tracking i want to use and looks diferent

Sounds like something you’d need to talk to YVY about, to be honest. Did you see ?

Hi yes already ask to them too and I followed the manual.

thanks i will wait.

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