Importing Splines


I’m working on a project that makes fairly heavy use of spline-based workflows. At the moment I’m generating all of my splines directly in Notch. I was hoping to be able to generate these externally.

My issue is that I don’t have access to C4D personally. I’ve got Houdini and Blender. Is there a workflow for getting spline data generated in these applications into Notch?


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I did a lot of testing recently on this - not all tools appear to export splines correctly. Blender for example, I’m not sure how you export them so other tools can read them. Always came in as a list of points in every tool I tested with, not a spline.

Houdini doesn’t work though, I have passed this onto the dev team previously.

– Ryan

I should clarify - my testing was focusing on FBX and Alembic import formats.

– Ryan

So FBX/Alembic export of splines from C4D works? Or do splines get moved from C4D into notch with actual c4d files?

Splines from C4D project files definitely work, not sure about FBX/Alembic. It’s a massive topic to cover, haven’t had a chance to get back to it yet.

– Ryan

I’ve tried FBX and alembic from blender. Spent a full day on it but made no real progress. From your first and second replies I got the impression that the issue has something to do with how blender encodes splines into FBX and, that the problem is there.

The docs seem to indicate that splines can be imported from other dcc’s, however, if spline importing only works with c4d files that sort of limits the options a bit.