Simple OBJ file with lines - Network visualization in Notch

Hi everyone,
First time posting in the forum.

I’m trying to import a simple OBJ file which contains nodes and lines only (no faces).
I understand that having vertex color is not officially supported in OBJs but I can’t see anything on screen (not even the geometry).

Here what it looks like in blender.

What is the best way to import complex splines in Notch?

I’m trying to animate a 3D network visualization (it’s like a connected point cloud where the edges are given in an adjacency list) but I can’t find a way to import it into Notch.
I’ve looked at Arrays, CSVs, etc. but to no avail.
This is what I would like to import in Notch (point, lines, colors):

Thank you very much!

You can import a C4D file into Notch which supports splines.
Not sure how it would perform with such complexity though…

I tried the c4d file but the simple spline was broken already. Nothing shows on screen.

Any other method where you can connect a large spline from an array of points?


That’s weird! A simple continuous spline should be imported fine.
Are you sure Show Spline is selected in the Imported 3D Scene Spline attributes?

Also if you could share a sample C4D file of that, then I can have a look.

It is not a continuous spline. A graph may have disconnected components. Here is the OBJ file I load into C4D. I can’t get the vertex colors to show (I don’t know the software)…

Thank you!

It loads into C4D as a 1 continuous spline.
Then saved as C4D and imported to Notch.

line2.dfx (95.0 KB)

Thanks! Unfortunately the original file is not a continuous spline so I guess it’s not really working.
Can we create a large disconnected spline in Notch by giving point coordinates?