Wrong spline extrudion

'll try to import spline from c4d then use extruded spline node.
But results is allways wrong, some issue with triangulation. Any advice?

spline.dfx (46.6 KB)

and what should it look like?

when I turned on the “draw spline”, something like that show up, maybe something in export from cinema4d is wrong? And why you just don`t use nulls for creating spline?

Yes, I could use nulls, but I need a more complex design. I tried different settings when exporting, different spline interpolation in c4d, but the result is always the same.

c4d file

how it looks in cinema? Did you try to open and export it from another 3d app (blender for example)?

did’t try, just c4d

and result in notch

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Hi Jozik,
Did you have any conclusions with this? - I seem to be having the same results from C4d splines

Looks like “no” ヽ(≧□≦)ノ

Hey all,

The problem with these splines is that notch needs a spline tangent to know what “up” is relative to the spline, and I’m not sure this you’ve got that setup right in C4D. you can see this as the up lines in notch, they are all pointing up vertically so as soon as the lines move straight downward you get gimbal lock and the bank and pitch are facing the same direction - causing the flipping rotations you see in that image.

i took the spline into blender and you can see similar things -

I don’t know C4D enough to say how to fix it there, but in blender I have the option to set the twist method to “minimum”, which fixes this issue. if there is an option for that (or smilar) in c4d, then that’s what to look out for. if not, maybe try exporting to blender or another tool where those options exist and then exporting to Notch.



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