Extruded Spline + Spline Node = Nightmare

Hi, guys.
The new Extruded Spline Node is cool, however the result of its pairing with the Spline Node could be better. It looks like it’s inheriting transform controls of the Nulls used as control points for the spline. Given that the Transform parameters of the nulls also control the Spline handles, such inheritance makes these two nodes extremely hard to use in tandem. Something needs to be done about it. To get my idea better, look at the attachments.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. There were a couple of issues here, both fixed now.

Great! Thanks, Matt.

Also I have some problems with the spline (seems like). I got this notification in the d3 .

[attachment file=20175]

In the Notch side works like this (turned on the view spline).

[attachment file=20176]

When I replace de spline emitter for a primitive emitter works fine in the d3. Just after many tests I found this.

I can send you the Notch files and the assets.


Edgar: This issue is fixed in found here: https://www.notch.one/support/forums/topic/maintenance-release-0-9-18-014/

Great! Thanks Luke ! I will check it.

Hi, All
It’s mostly fixed, just a couple of issues are left to address:

  1. If you check the ‘closed’ option in the Spline node, the Extruded Spline will not shade the segment closing the spline.
  2. Scale transforms of the Nulls control both the spline handle size (i.e. spline interpolation) and the Radius of the Extruded Spline
    which is not desirable in most cases. I suggest that a ‘Null Scale to Radius’ checkbox should be added to the Spline node to prevent such
    behavior when necessary. What do you think?