Extruded Spline + material + deformer = issues

I have this extruded spline with a SBAR material attached, and it looks really good, but I want more. I want to use a turbulence deformer on the extruded spline to make the form less like a long tube and more like an abstract mass twisting around. However, when I attach the deformer I lose my material, the mesh just turns into a flat shade. I’ve tried to use a Generate UVs node, but it wont give me the effect I need.

I’m linking a dfx with the look I want, minus the turbulence here

Is there a way to deform my extruded spline and keep the material as is?


There is a lot of unintended behaviour with the Extruded Spline node at the moment, and one of the bugs we have logged relates to deformers altering UVs incorrectly. From what I can tell, that’s what is happening in this case.
The devs are aware of these issues but at this current time, there sadly isn’t a viable solution.


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Sadly this problem still exists. The broken UVs are really unfortunate…