Spline Deformer

Hey hey

I’m having issues with the spline deformer.

I have a couple of nulls set up in a cricle and use them to create a spline. Then I want to use a spline deformer on a plane (long and thin) to bend it through my circle.

I can use the spline deformer with my spline if it doesn’t have Auto Generate Tangents checked, but then the circle is a circle no more. The nulls seems to be too close to each other for my spline to distribute the points bewteen them evenly. So I check the Auto Generate Tangets, but then my spline deformer bugs out and my plane becomes invisble (or maybe iit’s just off to the dark corners of 3D space).

Here’s without auto generated tangents. This is as close as I get to a circle.

And here’s with auto generated tangents, no other change. The plane is gone :slight_smile:

Spline Deformer.dfx (10.2 KB)

Nvm, got it working!

The nulls going in and out of the circle needed to be offset in Z axis, seems the overlapping made the geometry invisible for some reason