Spline deformer with procedurals

Hello. Was wondering if someone could help with a problem I’ve been having? I have a Shape3d being deformed with a spline deformer. I am then using this deformed shape procedurally to subtract from another procedural mesh. When I animate the shift offset on the spline deformer it is only subtracting a tiny section of the spline path. The rest of the spline path seems to get ignored. Can a spline deformer be used with procedurals like this? I have attached a simplified.dfx.
procedural_spline_deformer.dfx (364.9 KB)

Hey Aaron,

I notice its your first post to the forum, Welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks sharing the dfx, I can see that you may need to change a few settings within your Math Modifer, I recommend playing around with the scale attribute, then it will use the rest of the spline.

hope this helps :slight_smile:



Hi Harrison
Thanks for looking at the project! :blush: The math modifier is there purely to illustrate the problem. If you look at the area thats being cut away underneath the procedural by the shape 3d (turn visibility of shape 3d off) you see that it abruptly stops at a specific point either side … I didnt see the need to increase the math modifier scale any further to illustrate the problem. In any case I found a workaround that suits my needs. I scaled up my shape 3d much bigger than it needs to be then scaled its size down via the splines various null scale attributes. Its a funny behaviour and I still dont know why The shape 3d stops subtracting from the procedural where it does. Im probably missing something.