Particle Mesh Deformer with SPH Affector

Having issues with deforming a simple plane with the SPH affector through a particle mesh deformer. I’m getting a hole in the middle of the plane, is there a workaround for this?

SPH Problem.dfx (6.1 KB)

Well for a start, your Shape 3D Plane does not have enough polygons.
Change your Subdivisions X & Y to at least something like 500.

So this issue originates from another project file than the one I uploaded, I wanted to keep the subdivision low since increasing it only makes the deformer go crazy.

I uploaded a simpler dfx to try and showcase the issue, and increasing the number of subdivision in that file does what the picture below shows. (subdivisions x and y = 512)


Furthermore, the issue in the original file is not presenting itself 100% of the time. Reseting the playhead seems to fix the issue some of the time.

Pics are from the same project with the same settings, only difference is reseting the playhead.

Impressive effect!

Not sure why it is reacting like that 100%, but it seems that the Smoothing Deformer is preceding calculation and that is messing things with the Particle Mesh Deformer.

You can use this fix though, by adjusting the in-point of the Smoothing Deformer in the Timeline, by just 1 frame.
So the Smoothing Deformer only takes effect after 00:00:01 and now Particle Mesh Deformer performs with no glitches.
It works for me.

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Doesnt work for me :frowning: But it does seem to make the issue occur less often? :upside_down_face:

In my investigations it seems like it is the SPH affector that’s making the hole, and the cloth effector rips it up. At least that’s what I think is going on.

Anyway, this might be stable enough for a render haha

Hmmm weird…
Also since this seems to be timeline related, a good idea is to lock your Framerate and also apply the same number of fps to the “Fixed Update Framerate” attribute within your Particle Mesh Deformer.

Probably has something to do with it, but sadly the problem persist even with the same frame rates