Spline Follower Stuck

Hello Notchers,

I used spline node and some nulls for a spline and then used that for the spline follower.

However, when the camera passes each of the null points, it would slow down and stuck for a bit which makes the camera movement really not smooth.

Any idea how to fix it? is there any way to import a curve to Notch?


In the node “spline” option change spline time mode to “length”.
And yes you can import spline from Cinema 4D. just convert the spline in editable spline before saving.



Hello Adrien,

Thanks for reply me.

But, I did change the mode to ‘length’, but it is the same.

I’m not sure, it’s a bug or not.

I might try the c4d way you mentioned.

Thanks again.

Hi Adrien,

I think it is because my model is big so I need to scale the null to like 100 in xyz.

on import you can scale the import size - I’d suggest doing that instead of scaling the node a lot.

If you have time, send the file into support so we can have a look at it.



Hey @WalkingSheep did this end up working for you?

I’ve been playing around with it today and I’m dealing with a scale of 200 in length.

The path nodes are like 0 - 150 - 175 - 185 - 200 and it really ramps up towards the end and has slight in and out smoothing to each node while move along it.

Spline Time Mode = Length

and Tested both

Normalize Spline Time on and off

Thought I would mention that I solved this behavior by using the Tween Null to help smooth thing out.