Splines / Hair caches from Houdini


I’m using the learning edition of Notch; was just wondering if there’s a way to import splines (and therefore hair caches) from Houdini? If so, is there a trick to rendering them, do they shade as normal? I’ve seen a couple of posts where people get them from c4d, but not houdini. I’ve tried abc, obj, fbx, can’t get it to display, unless I do a polywire before export, which pushes the poly count too high.


Hello Dave,
At the moment Notch does not support hair simulations, but check out this post by Josh Eason. He did a great job of faking it - https://vimeo.com/288832718
He shared DFX file of his setup - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tAOrZ1e8P_IsW1g2Ef0tPIZ8xCrYMewW/view?fbclid=IwAR36QYaf5lxMZBdjbYZwL6n16r_51TuTJeymNv4G6s9s2RucRuvASP07Za0


Hey, thanks for the reply;

I’m less interested in the simulation aspect, more the idea of bringing in external caches. I just thought that because you can import meshes ok, splines might be possible. It says it can in the help docs, but it doesn’t work with me.

Could you send your workfile and assets to support@notch.one for inspection?