[Feature Request] Alembic import and Houdini simulation caches.

Alembic import would be a blast : D

Also some kind of connection to Houdinis hsc would be nice.
In general some kind of bridge / import from Houdini projects would be awesome.
Here is some example how pfx handles this.

Hey Patrik,

Alembic -
We’ve looked into it before, but are currently focused on better C4D support. With that said, if there is enough interest we are open to the idea.

Houdini -
Not for now. We have Blender pcache support and Real Flow import /export support, so it’s not something we are against. Again, with enough interest we could look into it.



Hi Patrick,

Just an update on this: Alembic support is now on the schedule for a new release coming up.


Great news about the alembic support!

Second the request for better Houdini integration!
Theres a huge demand for experienced Houdini devs and artists for more realtime options.

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While different types of integrations aren’t out of the question in the future, our experience is that people fluent in Houdini often finds Notch to be “the real-time version of Houdini”, and that’s probably a good way to think about it.