Alembic vertex and point cloud is still not working on 23.180

Its not funny already.
Alembic vertex and point colors on dynamic topology is still working incorrect.
I guess same story with other attributes.

Here is the link to simple Houdini file and exported alembic

Hey, yeh this hasn’t been looked at by the dev team yet. We’re focusing on improving other areas of the tool right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t on our radar. We will look into this in future, and we’ll let you know when we do, but in the mean time you’ll need to look at different workflows which doesn’t rely on exporting vertex colours though alembic.

– Ryan

Please let me to explain what there is no any way to transfer particles color or vertex color from other programs to Notch if particles are dying or topology is changing. Lets say I have 500000 of cached in another program particles. Notch can handle it easily. But they useless because I cant transfer any attributes on them to notch. Not over cache not as alembic. Not from Houdini, or RealFlow or C4d. Or meshed water sim or any other cache where topology is changing each frame. Same with UV attributes. Its just not working. I tried to put instance on each point and make texture for each frame. Not working ether. OBJ seq? Nope. I thought on OBJseq. Each file is separate. But nope, UV is not working if topology in OBJ seq is changing. So I cant use texture ether. I checked all possible ways and wasted on it a lot of time. And im not playing around. Im trying to make some really interesting stuff.
You can check it here for example

But its not working as it should just because of lack some basic functionality.
And all last year I was sitting and waiting when you guys will fix it. And other people here and in FB who also constantly asking this question about vertex or particles color from another software. Im just trying to explain what there are users for whom this is very important part of workflow. If I cant do it with Notch so I will not use Notch for this project. This is very simple and sad logic. I love this software. Bought learning license. Spent a lot of time for learning and trying it. Been pretty active in community. Was ready to try commercial already several moths ago. But alembic… Now I see what it will not happen anyway in near feature. Well…
My apologizes for been so emotional ))) I just read :

  • [Import] Fixed the Alembic importer to correctly handle both per-index and per-vertex data colour set data.
    So I thought you finally fixed it and got cognitive dissonance
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After looking into it, that fix was about including support for per index colour sets, not animated topology colours. Admittedly, there is a little ambiguity there, so we’ll try to be more specific in future.

AFAIK UV’s do work from animated obj sequences - we actually put out a video tutorial yesterday where this was used, so I would have to see the mesh sequence you are referring to there.

At the end of the day, it’s totally understandable that you want something fixed, and we are working on these problems - but when everyone wants their feature or issue prioritised, someone gets disappointed. The repro file you sent is great btw - nice and simple, will really help a lot with debugging this on our end, so thanks a tonne for that.

One final note - we do track where particular issues have been posted and respond once they have been fixed, so you’ll know when we have this problem solved, because we’ll be updating here and other platforms.

I hope this clears things up a bit - if you want more direct help on what you’re working on, feel free to send in a support ticket where we can look at what you are trying to make, and how best you can make it with the tool as is.

– Ryan