X Particles Import

Hi I’m trying to import particles baked out of X Particles. I’ve tried baking them out of XParticles as realflow.bin but Notch just gives an error when I try to import them.

Can you bring particles in using alembic?


Hello Andy,

Yes, Alembic should definitely work.


Hi Armin,

I can’t see any options for extracting the particles from the alembic, could you suggest the workflow please?

Thanks again


you can use the same path as realflow caches, use the Particle cache node and you should be all set.


Hi again Armin,

Thanks for the tip about the Particle Cache Node, it has loaded the alembic particles fine. Now I’m stuck trying to colour the particles. None of the shading nodes seem to work and I can’t seem to bring in any of the X Particles colour data using alembic. Ideally I’d like to colour by velocity but just being able to colour using a ramp would be great.

Any thoughts?

Thanks once again!


Particle emitters has colour ramp input, did you try that?
Can you share your node graph pic. It will be easier to assist seeing what you have there :slight_smile:

Hi again,

Here is my node graph:

You can see that the particles are being read from the alembic fine using the ‘realflow animation’ field in the Particle Cache node. But none of the colour options are working?

Thanks again

You’ll need to add a Renderer to your Particle Root. I’d recommend you watch chapter 7 “Particles” in our Academy Video series to get to know particle systems in Notch: https://www.notch.one/learn/academy/

Thanks Bent, this has a Mesh Renderer connected to the root though.

Right, so you also need some shading. You cannot connect the Colour Ramp directly into the Particle Cache, that’s not how it works. :slight_smile: I’ll recommend you watch the whole Academy series, as they lay it out how to connect these nodes.

Will do, thanks for your help so far!

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