FBX EXPORT from 3dsmax

Hi there,
I am giving notch a try for baking textures. So far and after a couple of hours, no success at all. I am a fairly experienced modeller and I use 3dsmax.
First question. If I export an OBJ will notch read its UV maps? When I export an OBJ file from 3dsmax into notch it imports it (after flipping the axis ) into the correct position but all my textures seem to be all over the place. So I decided to go FBX and NO MATTER what setting I use, the model always imports into notch in the wrong position. Textures, however, are displayed correctly on te FBX model
I have created several FBX export modules and the mesh always displays rotated vertically in notch. Is there something truly FUNDAMENTAL that I am missing?
Many Thanks


Hello Miguel,

Here are some tutorials about baking light for your reference:

It would be great if you could send problematic models to support@notch.one for inspection or upload it here as it is hard to advice without seeing the models.