Cloner tips and tricks

Hello good people,

A while ago I made this video with several of my favorite things about Notch cloner, I figured I will leave a list of things mentioned in the video and a link, perhaps it will come in handy to some of you :slight_smile:

00:45 - Combine Geometry node, combine Clones to a singular Mesh
02:26 - Cloners Efector control via Null
03:51 - Cloners Effectors Procedural FallOff
06:25 - Select Child node as a child for Cloner
08:02 - Clone Everything - even Particle Systems
09:15 - Random Cloner for Landscapes and Effector based Cull rig
12:05 - Clone to Image - fake depth image
14:31 - Cloners Effectors with Text
15:54 - Cloners Effectors with Deformers
20:47 - Clone the Clones