Turn geometry into procedural

Hey all!

I was wondering if you are able to take cloned geometry and make it procedural? I made a continuously moving shape which overlaps with itself and I would like it to have a smooth union when it overlaps. The primitive shape options provided with the procedural nodes are not exactly what I’m going for.

I took a look at the clone to procedurals node a bit earlier but wasn’t able to get the effect I’m looking for - instead of making the procedurals out of the clones, I just want to make the clones themselves have a sticky look

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

if you use the combine geometry node to make the cloner system into a mesh that can be outputted to other nodes, you can then send the output of that into the 3d object procedural node. I know the feeling lol procedurals are so cool when you get them right but extremely complex and am still learning a ton. if you want the sticky look without the procedurals a partictle mesh deformer can have partictle affectors affecting your mesh and depending on what affectors you use you can get this affect. hope that was helpful!

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