Combine Geometry usage


can some one show me the usage of Combine Geometry node, I try it in many ways to hook him and no effect.


Hi, K.
My guess is that this node exists for efficiency reasons. Take a look at the sample file called Motion Blur + Color Ramp Deformer.dfx. There you will see how it works.


This node mainly exists for the times where you have a number of objects/clones but you really need just one single mesh.
For example you could have a load of clones, and you want to combine them into one mesh to apply a deformer to them as one object, or you need to make the vertices unique to bake lighting to them. Or maybe you have a number of small objects you want to combine into one in order to emit particles from them all together or generate clones from them.


It’s good to know. Thanks, Matt!


Hi Matt,
I read about it in Your news and I’m interested in deformer usage, but I can’t find that file in samples (witch about write Andrei).
And I do some silly mistake with hooking nodes because even no deformed mesh didn’t appear.


Ok get it:P I was looking samples in folder no in notch welcome screen …
Thanks testing now :