How to connect multiple 3d Object nodes to a deformer?

Basic thing really but could not a solution in the manual or here at the forum.

I have multiple 3d object nodes which I would like to connect to a deformer at one go instead of dragging from all of the 3d Object nodes separately. Can’t figure out how to do this. I can also see that there is a option called “Link Input to selected Nodes” when I right-click the deformer but it’s greyed out all the time no matter which way I try to select the nodes.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Toni,

You can use the “combine geometry” node :

But you still have to link all the meshes to the combine it all comes back to the same thing, so it’s not really useful for what you want to do.
But if you select all the objects you drag to a deformer, it works in one go.



Hi Adrien and thanks for the reply!

The Combine Geometry basically works but for my case it doesn’t. That is because the node (as it should) combines the geometry of all the objects and by doing so the deformer behaves differently than to have all the separated objects connected straight to the deformer.

What do you mean by “select all the objects you drag to a deformer, it works in one go”? I’ve tried selecting the 3d objects and then simply drag to a deformer but only the one 3d object gets connected, the one I’m dragging from, no matter the selection I have.

I’m able to connect multiple 3d objects to for example a null by selecting them holding shift while dragging from the null to one of the objects. But I’m not able to achieve the same kind of thing with a deformer…