Freeze Geometry - More than one object disappears

Hi all, if I connect one 3D object to a Freeze Geometry node it works correctly. However, if I connect more than one object, the first object stays on screen while the others disappear, even though all of the connected nodes have the snowflake icon. Is there any trick to connecting more than one object to the Freeze Geometry node?

From opening some of the Notch demo projects I noticed that it seems to be the ‘3D Object’ node that needs to connect to the Freeze Geometry node. I tried that using a basic FBX sphere that I exported from C4D and it works. My follow up question would be how to deal with a more complex 3D object from C4D like a car? There is multiple components, what is the best way to set it up for light baking? Such as the car in this video: Notch Tutorial: Ray Tracing - YouTube

Well, turns out what I was originally doing was correct, I was just missing one step. I needed to connect all the nodes to the Freeze Geometry node. If anything was disappearing, I needed to select the Freeze Geometry node, disable it, then enable it again. Once I did that I picked up all the nodes.

Hopefully someone learns something from this thread :laughing:

You’re pretty much there - the key thing is the freeze geometry needs to be told to re-activate when you add new stuff or make changes to it. Easiest done by resetting the scene with the home key.

Yep, that’s the key part that I was missing. The old turn it off and turn it back on trick!