Particle trail freeza/bake


I have a particle simulation generating a mesh trail, i would like to freeze the meshes generated by the particles to use as a still object in a scene. I tried using freeze geometry (no luck threre), baking (no luck also, only bakes the incial points) and even export geometry (notch crashes with OBJ or Alembic)… is there something i’m missing? Anyway to achieve this?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english!

Notch crashes here too whenever I try to use Export Geometry with the Trail Renderer output.
No matter what settings are used in the Bake options, it seems to happen all the time.

Weird, as it seems to work as normal with Procedurals and it’s so useful.

Yeh this came up recently in another forum post. In short: there is an issue if you connect the trails to the export geometry node directly, but if you go through a combine geometry it should work perfectly.
As for the other two steps you took, baking is only for particles - the trail renderer is geometry rendered from those particles, so I wouldn’t expect this to work in the way you are looking for. Freeze geometry… might work if you really abuse it, but I don’t think that would be a good workflow. Freeze Geometry is for combining lots of static geometry into a single static mesh - great for a scene with lots of static imported assets, but not freezing something dynamic at a particular time.

– Ryan