Box selecting geo nodes freezes the interface


Sorry for not using the issue reporting guidelines, I couldn’t find them and looking at about 5 posts in here I noticed that nobody seems to use them :thinking:

So when box selecting an imported geometry node (an fbx for example), the interface freezes for a while. When you select the node directly, it’s pretty instant. I have had this happen always, but it wasn’t a big issue for me until now.

In my current project I have a physics simulation with 1k objects and about 1250 frames, so lots and lots of keyframes, imported through a 23 mb fbx file. Playback is awesome, so no complaining there. Normally when box-selecting a simple fbx, the interface will freeze for a couple of seconds, but with this fbx it will shut me down for at least 15 minutes. So now I just try to pay attention to NOT box-select those geo nodes or I will have to force quit and go back to my last autosave, kind of a hassle.

I Imagine it has something to do with box-selecting tries to select all subnodes that hide within the geo node as opposed to click-selecting only selects the ‘master’ node.

I can supply a sample project if needed.


Sorry for not using the issue reporting guidelines, I couldn’t find them

They’re pinned globally, and to the “Issue reporting” category, so they should be visible for everyone always. But if for some reason they’re not: How to report issues - #5

You’re basically right - Under the hood, drag select ends up selecting all the sub nodes in a 3d scene, and with ~1000 sub nodes, that’s going to take a moment to process.

We’ll be looking at ways to solve this in the next major release, but for now you can either avoid drag selecting or export the scene as an animated alembic / obj sequence and use that instead.

– Ryan