Time Warp Scanning effect

Hi everyone!!
Can anyone advise me how to create this famous effect?
I’m trying with ‘slit scan’ + ‘transform’ but there is an position offset that i can’t get out :grimacing:

example :
Tiktok: Time Warp Scan TikTok Compilation - YouTube
Touchdesigner: Slitscan – TouchDesigner Tutorial 21 - YouTube

thanks! ciaoo!! :slight_smile:

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Neat idea! Took a quick stab at it - try the dfx below.

RollingShutter.dfx (95.2 KB)

The trick is to go through fields, and then have a moving line to limit only small area to be emit into the field - similar to a greenscreen effect I made years ago.

With that as the base, it’s just a couple modifiers to make it animate and triggerable.

– Ryan


thanks a lot Ryan !
it could be the right way :wink:
I have to study how to do the loop, the rest is perfect!

I think there is a Slit Scan Node that does the trick.

Kind of - you could use it to make a similar effect, but for the effect he was looking for you need each frame to stick. With split scan, you’d just get a bunch of animating slices, also cool, but not the same.

Yes, you are right. Your way is also more interesting in terms of trying to solve a problem.