[Feature Request] 2D Displace and and Tiling in Post-FXs

The Post-FX category seems to miss a classic 2D Displace, where the distortion is based on another image’s input channels. The closest seem to be the Distortion / Turbulence Warp which are based on Noise/Sine functions and not an external image…

And another important feature would be Distortion/Warp FX tiling (Repeat/Mirror). Edge Fade is ok, but these tiling options should be a standard.

Bump Warp is the basic “displace by image”.
Also, most warp nodes have an “Effect Amount Image” input, which controls the amount of their own warp function to apply to each pixel. This allows for more complex image-based warps.

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Thanks Matt, the name “Bump Warp” is somewhat unexpected.

Would be nice to assign channels (not the affected but for the input RGB) and their weighting. Thanks!

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