Transparent lines/squares break overlay effect - Stasse Cocoon demo -


Does anybody know what is the effect name of the subtle transparent moving lines/squares layer that breaks parts of the background in this demo (Stasse - Cocoon - ) and if it is already available or easy to implement in notch?

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Hello Raulabreu,

I think it is the randomise tiles post effect, the pattern is defined by the randomisation x,y inputs in the bottom of the node, in this case i just used a simple generator, I think Adrien might have used a specific video as an input there or some tweaked generator. Here is a screenshot and .dfx of the setup.

[attachment file=30163]

[attachment file=30165]

Wow… Thank you very much for the hint and taking the time to reply… Will explore changing the x,y inputs with different functions…

Thanks a lot!


i used the “bumpmap” fx with black and white image.
this fx is supposed to works with normal map…but…you can do cool stuff with juste simple map :slight_smile:
the coolest thing is that you just have to animate the image used in the “bumpmap” fx ^^
here how it works :

I’ll share all the data from this demo later. :slight_smile: