Gifs for days

I have been making gifs as I experiment with Notch for my blog AutomataGraphics:

So cool! I love your buddha shader! Reminds me Android Jones work.

Thanks! If you want to know how any of them were done just let me know.

@cerspense actually really enjoy your black n white op-art type of gifs in there. Flat/2d-styled mograph is something I had dismissed as part of the notch workflow, however its nice to see that you’re over there keeping it alive. Any personal notes you care to share in exploring that general aesthetic, (not necessarily op-art)?

Thanks! I just try to have fun with those gifs and not take them super seriously. For 2d patterns, I love using the Transform post FX on a generator with its blend mode set to multiply, so you can mask it with itself. It lets you create some interesting patterns pretty quickly. I also like to feedback and layer post fx nodes like Dilate and Edge Detect to create some crazy stuff. Vector blur has been a recent favorite of mine. Just exploring whats possible with Notch in general can lead you down a lot of rabbit holes! A lot of the ones I made with Notch earlier on were me just going though all the nodes and trying to get them to work.
If you want to see more of my process, I have been doing some more live streaming recently on Twitch, so you can check out my process a bit there:

Nice! Here I go again appreciating the simple things, like seeing you pick-whip something to an attribute in the properties window. That’s cool to see you could do. Saw you do something else in there as I jumped through your gif test video, wondering how you accessed it… Capture If that screengrab doesn’t attach properly, its at 46:27 , kind of a hotkey menu…?

Yes! There are lots of little things like that in Notch that don’t get too much attention. Sometimes the only way to find features like that is to carefully go through the changelog for new versions.
For the menu though, I actually made that myself! It uses a scripting program called autohotkey and its made specifically for 9.22. You can download it here:

All the documentation and stuff is in that zip, and I will probably be releasing a new version of it soon as I recently made some changes.

I’m absolutely loving these!