Get After Effects - Displacement Map effect

Hello world,

I was wondering if some of you managed to imitate de behavior of the Displacement Map effect in After Effect. To have a video feed displace another, the closer I can get is by using the Randomise Tiles but I’m sure there is somewhere a way to have it even closer.

I thought there could be a way to do it also with the Deformer Map node but i cannot make it work either.

Let me know what you guys use for this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Have a great day

If you’re working in 2D and you have your video on an Image 2D node, you can use Bump Map Warp

Otherwise, for 3D, you need to use a Shape 3D plane, with a high number of subdivisions, and then use Displacement Map on that. It works.

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Hello @Arinushka ! Thanks that is exactly what i was looking for !

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