Image Affector in 3D

I have the following system that generates fractal noise and then moves particles based on it. So right now the particles get repelled from the green/red dots that appear from the optical flow node and they only move in the 2D space.

Is there a way to have the particles move in the 3D space? I would like the particles to repel in the Z axis (towards the camera) when the green/red dots appear.

Is there another way of doing this that I am not aware of?

Just increase the Luminance Offset Scale attribute in the Image Affector.
Also make sure that the Pixel Cull/Thickness Mode is set to Luminance.

That should offset/repel the particles in the way you want.

Ah yes that is working better. Infact the displacement mode was actually what I was after.

Thanks! @segmoria

There is also another particle node which might help you even further, the Image Displacement, through the Shading category.
This node behaves a bit strangely but you never know, it might come in handy in your case.

Just change the "Displacement Colour Mode” to RGB instead of the default Luminance, and also set the “Blend Mode” to Add/Subtract.

I am actually trying to replicate Refik Anadol’s work as practice.

This looks like a good start to begin experiments. The Image Displacement tip is great. If you have any more tips for trying to achieve this that would be awesome!