Help: Layer Image Emitter Particles in front of Image 2D node

I’m a n00b so excuse me if this is a n00b question…

I would like to layer a particle system on top of Image 2D video but cannot seem to render the video behind the particle system.

I have a feeling it’s because the Image 2D does not have a z-depth position but I need to achieve the effect of having the particle system in front of the video. Basically so the video fills in the gaps of the particle system.

How can I do this?

Try using an image plane instead of an image2d

Hey Brendan,

As Spencer said, Image plane is the right option here. I show in the video and particles tutorial ( ) how to align a particle system to the camera using a region camera - adding an image plane, scaling correctly, and moving it behind the particle system is the most effective method to me.



Thanks guys! Really appreciate it