Help to understand the aspect ratio on disguise blocks

Hello everyone

This is my first question and I don´t know if its in the correct place, apologyes in advanded.

My question is i can´t understand when i work whit blocks on disguise, when the effects adapt the video input to the aspect ratio on the screens and when not, even sometimes i can fill the screen whit the video inputs but the fields or the particles dont follow the video adjust.

Thanks in advance

Difficult to say without seeing a project but the difference is likely whether you are using an Image 2D or not.

To provide some context, the Render Resolution of a block (and therefore aspect ratio) is set by the media server, not set in Notch. This is why you should generally set up you scene with the known resolution and frame rate set before you export the project as a block.
Now if you do change the render resolution later, it’s generally not an issue. A camera node will by default rescale and adapt to the render resolution set to maintain a reasonable aspect ratio, so content your won’t get squashed or stretched.
However, if you build a scene with an Image 2D, that node will take whatever video is passed into it, and fill the screen with it, regardless of aspect ratio and render resolution. There’s different use cases for both scenarios, but I suspect what you are seeing is just some content being built for 3D (particles) and some content being built for 2D (The Video), and the changing aspect ratio not applying the same to both.
“Correct” solution, build everything in 3D with the image plane instead of the image 2D, with Aspect Based Scaling enabled.
Easy solution, enable the same property on the Image 2D.

– Ryan

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Hello Ryan, thankyou very much for your answer, plesae let me explain better my issue.

On the Media Server sometimes all the screens don´t have the same aspect ratio and trying whit the preconfigured block or created by my own sometimes i find the differences behaviours on “Image 2d”, and in the “image plane”, on this case I find the solutión as you say whit the Aspect Based Scaling enabled, but i have some problems whit the aspect ratio of the image renderes for example, like if the aspect ot the image renderer are different and the particles don´t “sticks” on the correct place.

One off the solutions that y think is, in disguise on this case, is create one o more feed mappings whit the video resolution and adjust myself the inputs on the screen, but i would to understand why sometimes, on direct mappings, the block or even the layer, works fine or not.

Anyway i will try your solutión but, work whith plane 3d and a camera instead a 2d image. Have any impact on the performance?

Thank again, best regards.

On the specific issues you mentioned, I think I’ll need to see a dfx to figure out what exactly the right solution is - In general, you can figure out the aspect ratio of the video coming in with modifiers and then scale the particle emitters if needed.

The impact on performance will be negligible, under the hood the Image Plane is basically a subdivided plane, but it’s so fast to render it’s practically the same as an Image 2D.

– Ryan

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