Image Plane Visual Bug

Image plane objects are not showing correct depth positions according to their actual position in space. i.e. one plane appears to be in front of the other when looking straight on, but that plane is actually behind it on the z-plane.

Repro steps:
* Place two image planes in a scene at the same x & y value. Color one red.
* Move the red plane to z position 0.9

Expected result:
* Red plane should be in front of white plane

Actual result:
* White plane still appears in front of red plane

ImagePlaneVisBug.dfx (4.7 KB)

some sort of “depth sorting” / “z sorting issue”, as someone pointed out to me.

Same problem. Always with alpha blended material. you can try to switch to alpha to coverage but in this case alpha channel is not accurate and smooth but z depth works right. I had tried to find solution with image plane or shape 3d with alpha bernded material but - no luck.

Hey, didn’t you find a solution?

Hey! Sorry, right after I posted this I took it to Facebook which I’m much more active on. You can read the conversation here: However no, I didn’t really find a solution for image planes specifically. You could move up and down the nodes on the nodegraph to change the hierarchy which changes the sorting order, but you’ll still have the same problem if you move the planes back but just on the opposite plane. You could use a shape 3D instead, but for my purposes the Image Plane works best. It’s apparently been brought up to the dev team though.

Thanks! But with the shape 3d, I have the same problem, especially with the alpha blend material. Nodes order - ok. But it does not work with clones, etc. I hope this will be fixed in future releases.