Clone to image with depth


Is it possible to use depth with “Clone to image”?
I’m using “Depth Camera” but “clone to image” don’t see Far and Near Clip plane…
Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!


Hey There,

Sounds like you are a little off in your setup.

If I were to guess, you maybe using the colour image instead of the depth - you can use the Luminance From Depth node to extract the depth as a luminance image. Try the example below.

KinectCloneDisplacementExample.dfx (5.8 KB)



Thanks Ryan,
I’m using Realsense, and it doesn’t work very well…
Maybe the problem is on RealSense,
maybe Kinect works better than RealSense…

Thanks again!!

Hey Adam,

Yeh real sense isn’t a great camera I’m afraid. Quality is low, compatibility is hit and miss because of changing SDK’s, I’d always recommend Kinect 2 instead.

No problem - Good Luck!