Particle Point Renderer depth

Hi Notch Community!

I’m having a hard time with simple visual behavior…
How to combine several types of point renderers depending on the emitters in the same particle system (or not), all in the same 3D space? I mean respecting the same depth.
For example, one emitter use a Point Renderer to display square sprites (by default), another emitter generates round sprites.

I tried several combinations:

  • same Particle Root + point renderers affected by separate emitters
  • several Particle Roots with their own emitter + point renderer

But each time the depth management is not coherent (except of course when I move the order of the nodes in the NodeGraph).

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Point renderers are just alpha blended 2D sprites so they don’t really have a concept of depth, can can’t depth test against each other at present. A single pointer renderer can test within itself, but that’s it.

To solve this problem, I would use a clone to particles with and image plane set to opaque, or a Shape 3D set to plane. They are actually 3d surfaces, and so can test against each other properly in 3D.

– Ryan

Thank you very much for the answer Ryan. I will see if the Cloner works in my case.